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Just like human beings, your pets and animals are also affected by different diseases that are transmitted by parasites, bacteria or viruses. Luckily, our veterinary pharmacy in Thomasville, GA provides you with the ability to protect your animals!

Ticks and fleas are the most notorious parasites that feed on the blood of our pets, especially the dog. Ticks belong to a group of organisms known as ectoparasites because they attack the animal from the outer skin. The other parasite that is an all-time enemy to the health of your animals is heartworm. Mosquitos transmit it through the bites, and the worms affect the heart just like the name suggests.

Buying medications from our online pharmacy offers you protection for your pet or horse in the convenience of your home!

Veterinary Pharmacy in Thomasville, GA
Shopping online makes it easier to find out what is in stock and what is not in stock before ordering. Our online service saves you time and other resources that would have been used to go to a store only to find that what you are looking for is not there.

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Our online pharmacy also gives you the chance to shop throughout the day; you can visit the website in the middle of the night and save time that would have been used traveling from one place to another.

Fight Parasites, Protect Your Animals
Ticks, fleas and heartworms can be treated separately, but other drugs can treat fleas and heartworm at the same time.  Trifexis is one of those medications and luckily, you can find it through our online pharmacy. Other options for treating ticks include the use of a preventive collar which protects your dog for about three months. Heartgard is yet another preventative form of the drug that we can give you among more.

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