We are proud to offer a comprehensive lameness examination to our equine patients. Our facilities have a variety of surface gradients and footing to help us fully evaluate a horse’s gait changes across different terrain. Our treatment room provides a clean, safe environment for us to perform diagnostic nerve and joint blocks. We also offer computerized radiography and ultrasonography to visualize limb pathologies.

We are excited to introduce the use of our Lameness Locator for hard-to-find, subtle lameness. This new technology objectively quantifies a gait alteration, and is extremely useful for multi-limb lameness and shifting leg lameness that are otherwise difficult to pinpoint.

Once we have identified the cause of the lameness, we offer a wide variety of treatment options and rehabilitation schedules to help your horse get back on its feet. Some of these treatment modalities include IRAP, PRP, and stem cells, as well as the typical types of joint injections.